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50 EMA. Trading systems based on fast moving averages are quite easy to follow. Although a larger mother bar on an inside bar setup is not really what I like to see, you can sometimes trade inside bars with larger mother bars, and if you do, you will probably want to place your stop loss near the mother bar. Im sure you would (who doesnt like free stuff anyway so go watch this video below: I hope youve enjoyed this weeks video post. Submitted by Edward Revy on February 28, :07. Let's take a look at this simple system. They were in-line with the near-term dominant daily chart trend and resulted in nice breakout continuation plays.

If I am looking to buy, I will place a buy on stop entry just above the mother bar high, and if I am looking to sell I will place a sell on stop entry just below the mother bar low. The best time frame for trading inside bars. I prefer smaller and tighter inside bars that dont have really large mother barsthis shows more compression and thus a stronger potential breakout from that compression. In the image you will see next, we see an example of inside bars that formed as a continuation signals and then one that formed as a turning point signal.

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What is an inside bar? Theres good reason for this, and that reason is mainly because on time frames under the daily chart, inside bars simply grow too numerous to be worth trading. They wont all work out obviously, but inside bars on the daily chart have a much higher probability of bringing you a profit than an inside bar on a lower time frame The chart example below shows a recent 1 hour chart of the eurjpy. Option2: exit when 10 EMA returns and touches 50 EMA (again it is suggested to wait until the current price bar after so called touch has been closed on the opposite side of 50 EMA). In 2016, Nial won the Million Dollar Trader Competition. Please note that this should only be tried after you have successfully mastered trading inside bars in-line with the daily chart trend as continuation / breakout plays, as we discussed above. Inside bars typically occur as a market consolidates after making a large directional move, they can also occur at turning points in a market and at key decision points like major support/resistance levels.